• DSC_1332

    Oat Groat Salad

    While you might not think of oats beyond steaming bowls of oatmeal or oatmeal raisin cookies, they actually have a...

  • DSC_1319

    Easter Bread – Casatiello Napoletano

    One week to Easter so it’s definitely time for egg decoration, chocolate and lots of picnics. This Easter recipe I...

  • DSC_1241

    Savory Croissants

    Do you guys remember my recipe for making “Lecce style rustico” – a typical dish from my hometown? Well, for...

  • DSC_1194

    Molasses Cookies

    Countdown to my upcoming holiday has officially started! In 1 week I will be flying with my boyfriend to BALI,...

  • DSC_1140

    Thai-Style Meatballs

    My boyfriend and I both LOVE Thai food,. There is something special in that mix of spiciness and creaminess that...

  • DSC_0074


    I am back! Officially and forever! I will never leave you guys again! After weeks of packing, moving, unpacking I...

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New online supermarket and Giveaway! (winners)

And the winners are: Luca Carpinelli (from facebook) Diana Lee Jack Expa Tree (facebook) Miki (from Weibo) Congrats people. To redeem you price please email: [email protected]..