The Paradise Vendor!

I have found the vendor of my dreams and I couln’t but share this with you!

As most people living in China, I do a lot of online shopping on taobao. It’s convenient, efficient and a lot cheaper than many shops in town. About 60% of what I purchase is F&B related: cooking pan, skillet, oil, grain, flour. Today, in an attempt to find 5 Grain Cereals for a bread recipe I mean to make, I ran into this vendor who basically has EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted!

Among the many products he sell you can find Oat Bran for 69 rmb

Flaxseeds for 59.9 rmb

Garbanzo Bean Flour for 79.9 rmb – I jumped off my chair when I saw it!

Brown Rice Flour for 69.9 rmb

Wheat Germs – yes baby, you heard me – for 49.9 rmb

Tapioca Flour for 49.9 rmb

A whole series of gluten-free products (bread mix, cookie mix, and so on)

Could not believe when I found the Egg Replacer for 99 rmb – a bit pricey but totally worth it!

as well as many others, like Ghirardelli Chocolate chips ( you guys know about the deep passion between me and Ghirardelli, don’t you???)

super cheap vanilla extract, 24 rmb, food coloring, 19 rmb,…

What is even more convenient is that the vendor speaks perfect English and French so we don’t need to get an headache to communicate with him!
He also told me he has QUINOA FLOUR!

I have already place my order and I’m now waiting for my products to arrive. I will let you know how that goes.
Meanwhile, browse his online shop and see if you can find what you need!


– LittleDani

Not a paid advertisement. I just love this vendor’s products!


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