Homemade Mandarin Orange and Ginger Jam (橘子和姜酱)

Back in Shanghai! and it’s cold, soooo cold here! Good news is tomorrow I will be heading to Thailand which will definetely do good to my southern Italian body!

Before departing again, I want to leave you with a new recipe, a tasty jam that I made right before my trip to Italy.

During winter all the fruit stands here in Shanghai sell this small, sweet mandarine oranges (in Chinese calles Juzi 橘子). I’ve been wanting to make something with them for a long time but never got the time to research enough to come up with an original idea so I ended up just using them to make some jam.

I’ve mixed them up with some ginger and cinnamon, just to give the jam that extra kick and I’m glad I did, as these  flavors do match perfectly together.
Let me know what you guys think!


  • 1 kg mandarine oranges
  • 2 tbsp ginger
  • 400 g granulated white sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

Grab the mandarine oranges and wash them carefelly

Cut them in half and place them into a medium-size, non stick sauce pan, together with the sugar

Add the chopped ginger, using a garlic press

and cinnamon together with a coupld of tablespoon of water

Put the pan on the stove. cover the pan with a lid and cook on slow stirring frequently, for about2 hours. Specially towards the end, keep an eye on it to prevent the jam from sticking to the pan

When ready, turn off the heat and let the jam cool down. Then transfer into glass containers and refrigerate until ready to use



– LittleDani

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19 comments on “Homemade Mandarin Orange and Ginger Jam (橘子和姜酱)

  1. Ciao Dani che bello conoscerti, arrivo dal blog di Chiara, complimenti per questa ricetta stragolosa!!!!! Un abbraccio e a presto

  2. Complimenti dani per questo tuo blog.. e per ciò che fai!!! Vengo qui dritta dritta dal blog di Chiara!!!! baci e buona giornata 🙂

  3. Dani, tanti tanti sinceri complimenti per questa golosa ricetta e per il tuo blog, molto orginale e davvero interessante. Arrivo dal blog di Chiara e conoscerti è un piacere. A presto, Clara

  4. Hello Dani,

    Congratulations on your “Blogs Got Talent!” post! Chiara is so gracious, and I so appreciate her introductions. I enjoy getting to know more food writers.. This recipe looks fabulous. The use of ginger is unusual, at least to us here in the U.S., and I bet it provides a warming note. All the best to you!

    • Thank you Adri! Im glad you like the blog.
      Im a big fan of ginger and it does give that extra kick to the jam. Try and let me know how you like it 🙂

  5. ciao! vengo qui da Chiara.. che profumino che emana questo homemade jam dai gusti particolari 🙂 Ma sai che io sono una Thai che pure ha vissuto a Shanghai?
    che bello immaginarti viaggiatrice per l’Asia! complimenti per tutto!

  6. Ciao Dany! piacere di conoscerti…arrivo qui grazie a Chiara!!!! questa marmellata è divina! Complimenti!!!!! tornerò a trovarti prestissimo:) Buona serata!

  7. sono felice di vedere che tante mie amiche sono passate a trovarti e a complimentarsi con te , lo meriti! Buon we cara Dani, a presto !

    • Hi Lynette, well there could be a number of reasons: bad quality of the sugar, you did not cook the jam long enough or cook it at too high temperature. Also the pot you used might have played a major role.
      Here are some tips:
      1. Make sure you use a good quality pot. It needs to be stainless steel, with as heavier base as you can find
      2. Find the right cooking heat. Be sure not to have your mixture boiling, as it will crystallize the sugar
      3. Choose quality ingredients
      Hope this helps!

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