Roasted Lime Red Snapper Filet

Roasted Lime Red Snapper Filet

I could definitely live off fish my whole life!
I love meat, don’t get me wrong, chicken a good burger, pork. I would never say no to that, but when it comes to fish it all goes to a different level 😉

It might be cause, growing up on the Mediterranean coast in the south of Italy, seafood was what I got fed most of the time.

Finding good fish in Shanghai is not too easy, however is now catering a whole new line of seafood and I was super happy when I found they started selling red snapper filet.

The fish comes gutted, and sliced ready for you to cook it!

I cook it with just salt, pepper, lime and a drizzle of olive oil, which I find enhance the fish flavor and I paired it to my mixed grains and herb salad.

Give this one a try!

Ingredients (serves 1):

Grab your fish filet


season it with salt and pepper, drizzle olive oil and squeeze the juice of half lime


Cook in pre-heated oven at 250 C for about 10 min or until cooked through. Serve it with your preferred side dish!


I used my mixed grains and herb salad!





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