Baby Spinach with Sardines and Blood Orange

Baby Spinach with Sardines and Blood Orange

You might think this is odd but I am a HUGE lover of sardines.

  • they are cheap
  • they are healthy
  • they taste delicious
  • they are versatile and can be used in SO many different dishes

My most favorite brand here in China is Ayam Brand – they sell them in many different oils and sauces : in extra virgin olive oil with chili, in spicy sauce, in teriyaki sauce, in salted black beans and in my favorite, of course, extra virgin olive oil. I eat them weekly in my salads, to make sauces, with my eggs on toasts. They are seriously so convenient and packed with good and healthy fats!

A few weeks back, before my Italy trip I used them in this salad with baby spinach and blood oranges. I loved the contrast between the sweetness of the orange and the savoriness of the sardines.

Here is the step by step recipe. Enjoy and HAPPY WEEKEND!!!


First thing first, take your lovely sardines

remove them from the oil, put them on a plate and cut them in half to remove the internal bone

On a plate, lay the baby spinach and the sliced blood orange

and  sardines. Season with salt and pepper and give it a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Add some pine nuts and serve!




About the author:

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