Guide to Gluten-free flours – Learn how to make your own blend

Guide to Gluten-free flours – Learn how to make your own blend

Here is a simple guide on gluten-free baking! Tips on how to use different flours and make your own blend!

Since I have been told that I have a high gluten sensitivity, the baking I used to know radically changed. No more reaching out for the one “all-purpose flour” to make bread, fluffy pancakes or pasta.

Using just alternative flours, was also not making the trick and I ended up with hard, flat breads, un-shapeable pasta and hard-rock muffins.

Gluten-free baking requires a fun science mixture blend of at least 2 flours. Starches help rebuild the binding, texture and structure that gluten typically provides. I have grouped all different gluten-free flours into 3 main groups:

  1. Light: These are all of the starches—a must when creating a blend of gluten free flours.
  2. Medium: Though nutritious in their own right, these flours are a bit lighter when used in a recipe and are more stable to be used alone paired with a starch.
  3. Heavy: These are the more dense and nutritious flours that are rarely used alone and will need to be used in tandem with another medium-based flour.

Let’s start off with the first category of gluten free flours: The Light-Based Flours, also known as all of your starch options. You will need at least one starch as a part of your blend but are free to use a mix of any:

Next are your medium-based flours. Read each description below and choose which one best suits your taste and texture preferences:

Lastly are your heavy-based flours. You will want to use a mix of heavy and medium flours because it will balance out the texture in your baked goods. Otherwise you will get the result of a dense and well, heavy products:

Now here are some ideas on how to create your own blend!

Hope this post helped some of you straggling with gluten-free baking!



*post adapted from forkandbeans

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