My cookbook is ready!

You can order your copy by emailing [email protected] (15% discount on retail price for the whole month of August), or you can go to:

Feidan (Anfu lu store, Dagu lu Store and Jiang Guo lu Store)
Pantry (90, Nan Yang Road)
Chinese Cooking Workshop
Seesaw Cafe (愚园路433号静安设计中心,靠近乌鲁木齐 – 433 yuyuan rd)
Garden Books (on Chang le road)
Amalia’s marketplace (I will be sharing with you on which dates as soon as that is finalized)
Azul Restaurant (Fergurson Lane)

To download the e-book just click on this link!

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

The printed copy costs 139 rmb

The ebook costs 50 rmb (7.99 usd)

Thank you guys!


– LittleDani


4 comments on “MY COOKBOOK!

  1. Dani:

    Thank you for the pastaciotto recipe! Part of my father’s family is from Lecce, and I grew up in central New York, where we ate them all the time. I was happy to find out these wonderful pastries are from Lecce, which I would love to visit someday. Best of luck with your expat life in China…

  2. Una italiana, trapiantata in Cina, che non prevede la versione del suo blog?
    O sono io che non riesco a trovarla?

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