TV Cooking Show 2016 – just one of the episodes I joined

A Taste of a Country Collection (March 2016)


Expatcucina’s cooking class featured on Shanghai Family (March 2016)


Interview on Limitless Laowai!

#156 ‘Expat Cucina’ proves you can build your dream, with Dani Ingrosso

Wall Street Journal – Expat Page!

Interview on (January 2015)

Epicure (November 2014)


Sina blog

Tokyo Journal Magazine (July 2014)

tokyo journal

China Daily, Shanghai Star (July 2014)

China daiy

Me on ICS TV

Restaurant Review (July 2013)

老外厨房4.28 老外厨房4.27

China Daily (June 2013)

China Daily

Global Times (May 2013)


global times

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